Michael C. Ladd CV

Ne’ a Boston MA. USA, 13 julliet 1970

B.A. Hampshire College 1993
Senior thesis: 19th Century African American travel writing
M.A. Boston University 1997
Arts Fellow 1999
Institute for the Arts and Civic Dialogue 1999, Harvard University
Arts Fellow 2006
Das Arts Institute, Amsterdam

Workshop Instructor: College de Nanterre, 2006-2007
Worked with Faculty and students to create a series poems and songs exploring identity and and post colonial history in the context of a Parisian suburb. Each workshop concluded with a live performance at the end of the term
Librettist: 2003-2007
Author of two separate Librettos for theatrical music performances in collaboration with pianist Vijay Iyer, “In What Language”(2003) Commissioned by the Asia Society, NY. and “Still Life With Commentator” (2006) commissioned by The Brooklyn Academy of Music
Writer/ Music Producer: 1997- Present
Wrote, performed and produced ten LPs or Eps under the name
of Mike Ladd or The Infesticons or The Majesticons.
Performed around the world under the titles mentioned above.
Likemadd Music, NY, NY & Cambridge, MA 2000-Present
Director of a music production company, In charge of negotiating contracts, bookings and responsible for group members.
Founder/Director: BWH Productions, NY, NY 1996-2000
Founded and directs music production
Music Director/ Composer: 2000
Funk Opera, Leeza Jessie Peterson, Joe’s Pub, NYC, 2001, company. Digitally composed and directed the score for live performance.
English Literature & Creative Writing Instructor: Long Island University 1997-2001, Created syllabi and taught a creative writing workshop for,Long Island University undergraduates
Boston University 1996-97
Created syllabi and taught a creative writing workshop for B.U. undergraduates
Assistant Instructor: Long Island University 1994-96
Co-teacher of the Freshman English curriculum at Long Island University, Brooklyn campus
Assistant Director: Life Lap Youth Enrichment Program, Amherst, MA ,1995
Taught English and History, developed curriculum and advised program staff
Tutor: Long Island University 1993-96
Tutored undergraduate and graduate students in English and creative writing
Publicity Assistant: The New Press 1993
Engaged in secretarial and editorial work and aided the publicity director in handling the promotion of books, publications and coordinating tours for authors
Teaching Assistant: Hampshire College, Amherst Ma 1993
Assisted in teaching a course on Richard Wright, James Baldwin and Chester Himes
Technical Coordinator: Radcliffe Publishing Course, 1992, Coordinated and directed all audio visual activities for the course.


Poetry Workshop Instructor Given readings and Instructed workshops on poetry at selected schools and institutions around the United States 1993-2000, Including:
The Point, Bronx, NY, Cornell University, NY, New York University, NY, NY, The New School for Social Research, NY, NY, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, Cal Arts, LA, CA
Conference Participant/Panalist
Trans-Atlantic Conference on the African Diaspora, Canary Islands, Spain, 1995
Delivered a paper on Amanda Smith and the Complexities of the Black Expatriate in the Nineteenth Century
Hip Hop and Social Change, Hunter College, 1999.
Institute For the Arts and Civic Dialogue, Cambridge, MA, 1999, Writer and Producer of Blood, Black and Blue, a series of performance poems on three black police officers in the U.S.
Chairman:Hampshire College Black Student Union, 1992-93
Coordinator: “Anti-Police Brutality Coalition” in cooperation with Arise Community Organization, Springfield, Ma.1992-93
Das Arts, Amsterdam, Holland, 2006
Coordinated and instructed workshops on writing, performance and collaboration with music.

Swing Low, Black Men Writing,NY, 1993
Aloud, Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Café, NY, 1994
In Defense of Mumia,NY, 1996
Bum Rush the Page, NY, 1998
Sons of Lovers IL, 2000
Capital Art, CA, 2001
Por La Victoire, France, 2001
Everything But the Burden, NY, 2003
Rip It Up, NY 2004
Velocity, UK, 2004
Long Shot Review, NJ,1998, Bostonia,MA 1997 Boxspring, MA 1994, Downtown Brooklyn, NY, 1996, 1998, 1999,Rabel, 2004, Vorn, 2005
Albums:(Writer & Producer or co-producer):
Easy Listening for Armageddon, Scratchie/ Mercury, 1997
Welcome to the Afterfuture, Ozone, 1999
Mike Ladd Live from Paris, Home Style Cooking, 1999
The Infesticons, Gun Hill Road, Big DaDa, 2000
Vernacular Homicide, Ozone, 2001
The Majesticons, Beauty Party, Big DaDa, 2002
In What Language, Pi, 2003
Nostalgialator, K7, 2004
Negrophilia (The Album), Thirsty Ear 2004
Father Divine, ROIR, 2005
Still Life With Commentator, Savoy, 2007

Major Performances
Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France 1998
Apollo Theatre, NY, NY, 1998
Drum Rhythm Festival, Den Haag, Holland, 1999
The Blacksmith House, Cambridge, MA, 1999
The Middle East, in conjunction with Harvard University, 1999
St. John the Divine, NY, NY 1999
Joe’s Pub, NY, NY 2000
ICA, London, United Kingdom, 2000
TransMusicales Festival, Rennes, France, 2000
Electronic Music Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2001
Performing Arts Center, Linz, Austria, 2001
Shepard’s Bush Empire, London, United Kingdom, 2001
New World Theatre, Amherst, MA, 2002
New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ, 2002
Roskilde Music Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2003
Leeds/Reading Music Festival, Leeds & Reading, United Kingdom, 2003
Asia Society, NY, NY, 2003,
PICA TBA Festival, Portland, OR, 2003,
The Kitchen, NY, NY, 2003 and 2006,
Performance Center, Tokyo, Japan, 2003
Royal Festival Hall, London England, 2005
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY, 2006
Sons d’Hiver, Paris, France, 2007
Academic Institutions
Rutgers College, 1994, Hunter College, 1994, Staten Island College, 1994, Long Island University. 1999, Hampshire College, 1991-Present, Mt. Holyoke College, 1997, Harvard University, 1998, City College, 1999, The New School for Social Research, 2000, Cornell University, 2000,Cal Arts, 2004, University of North Carolina, 2006
Selected Clubs
Tour 1997, The Landing, New Orleans, Yin Yang, Atlanta,Lo low’s, Atlanta, Barrage, An Arbor, The Border, Chicago,Elbo Room, Chicago, Spaceland, LA, ,Opium Den, LA, Oswald’s, San Francisco, Tour,2004,Stuk, Leuven, Belgum, Effenaar , Eindhoven, Holland ‘04, Melkweg ,Amsterdam,,Holland, Ekko ,Utrecht,Holland, Komedia, Brighton UK,The Scala, London UK,Sub Club, Glasgow, Scotland,Crawdaddy, Dublin Ireland, Thekla , Bristol, UK Point Ephemere , Paris, Zoo, L’Usine Switzerland, Reithalle , Bern, Switzerland.